PE Backsheet film for ultra thin underpads

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The film is produced by casting process, and the polyethylene raw material is plasticized and extruded by casting process, the materials are added one kind of high-end elastomer material to the production formula, and a special production process is adopted to make the film has the characteristics of low gram weight, super soft feeling, high elongation rate,high hydrostatic pressure,high elastic, skin-friendly, high barrier performance, high impermeability, etc . This material can be adjusted the hand feelling, color and printing color according to customer’s requirements.

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The film is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polyethylene raw materials. After melting and plasticization, it flows through a T-shaped flat-slot die for tape casting. The printing process adopts a satellite flexographic printing machine and uses flexographic ink for printing. This product has the characteristics of fast printing speed, environmentally friendly ink printing, bright colors, clear lines and high registration accuracy.


1. Contian (MLLDPE) material

2. High strength, high tensile rate, high hydrostatic pressure and other indicators on the premise of reducing the gram weight per unit area.

Physical properties

Product Technical Parameter
14. PE Backsheet film for ultra thin underpads
Base Material Polyethylene (PE)
Gram Weight From 12 gsm to 30 gsm
Min Width 30mm Roll Length From 3000m to 7000m or  as your request
Max Width 1100mm Joint ≤1
Corona Treatment Single or Double  ≥ 38 dynes
Print Color Up to 8 colors gravure and flexo printing
Paper Core  3inch (76.2mm)  6inch(152.4mm)
Application It can be used for high-end personal care area, such as the back sheet of sanitary napkin、adult diaper.

Payment and delivery

Packaging: Wrap PE film + Pallet+Stretch film or Customized packaging

Payment terms: T/T or LC

MOQ: 1- 3T

Lead time: 7-15 Days

Port of departure: Tianjin port

Place of Origin: Hebei, China

Brand Name: Huabao


1. Q: Can you make the printed cylinders according to the customer's requirements? How many colors can you print?
A: We can make printing cylinders of different widths according to customer's requirements. We can print 6 colors.

2. Q: Which countries and regions have your products been exported to?
A: Janpan, England, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala, Spain, Kuwait, India, South Africa and other 50 countries.

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