PE FILM for sanitary towls

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The film is produced by casting process and polyethylene raw material is plasticized and extruded by casting process,using the special steel roller to set.adjust the production process to ensure the unique appearance of the addition to the physical properties of conventional ,this kind of film also has a unique reflective effect.such as point flash/pull wire flash and other high-end appearance effects under the light.


Product Technical Parameter
PE Printing Film
Base Material Polyethylene (PE)
Gram Weight from 12gsm to 70gsm
Min Width 30mm Roll Length from 1000m to 5000m                          or  as your request
Max Width 2200mm Joint ≤1
Corona Treatment Single or Double Sur.Tension Over 40 dynes
Print Color Up to 8 colors
Paper Core 3inch (76.2mm)  6inch(152.4mm)
Application It can be used for high-end personal care area, such as the back sheet of sanitary napkin.

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