Fire safety knowledge training

In 2014 07 month 21 days, my unit thoroughly superior units and departments of the documents, about fire safety work, to carry out fire propaganda lectures, by Xiaoshan Shijiazhuang fire knowledge training center Wang

Bin instructor for my unit staff conducted a fire training. Company leaders and employees are actively involved in the training.

Instructor Wang combined with fire safety systems and all kinds of fire case, on how to establish the public awareness of fire prevention, prevent, may cause the face of the sudden fire accident how to escape the disaster relief and other aspects of comprehensive training and personal danger, the fire accident, the participants by education and made detailed notes, the Department also said it will to further strengthen the fire of knowledge learning and skill training, strictly prevent fire accidents.

Through this training, the company asked the Department to draw profound lessons of recent domestic fire accidents, strengthen fire management measures, to build a summer fire safety "firewall", do the alarm bells ringing, prevention, combining prevention and suppression.

First, the popularity of fire protection in place. Do other employees to disseminate scientific knowledge and the scene of the fire fighting and fire escape common sense.

Two is the implementation of contingency plans. The procedures for fire emergency treatment, fire evacuation, fire fighting measures and so on should be made clear, and the scientific and operability of the plan should be enhanced.

Three security risks are in place. Adhere to a daily inspections, especially on the key parts of the inspections, the key parts of the workshop, office, dormitory and other requirements to implement specific fire security measures, to check the power lines, fire hydrant, fire safety performance and other key parts regularly arrange, we eliminate fire hazards, timely rectification.

The company will not do business on a regular basis of fire safety inspections, fire safety supervision mechanism to ensure the implementation of nip in the bud.
In the training of personnel from fire: no culture, no knowledge is terrible, but there is no more terrible fire safety knowledge! How many people died because of the lack of knowledge of fire and innocent. Life is only once, people's life is precious, but also the most vulnerable, please start from every little thing around us, safety production, safety work, safe life, to build a harmonious society.

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Post time: Apr-19-2022